MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #83 - Syte

Happy New Year from MakeItGood!!!

To kick of 2012 we’ve got a fresh mix from a member of our team, Jim Syte

A serious 90 minute selection of heavyweight dubs this is essential listening!!

Compa - Coashed [Dub]
Occult - Assassins [ICU:Audio Dub]
Sleeper & District- Dungeon Style [Dub]
Lurka & Instinct - Titan [Dub]
TMSV - The Night [Dub]
Killawatt - Proliferation [Dub]
Artikal - Alone In The Darkness [Artikal Music Dub]
CORE - Out The Cage [Dub]
Pheral - Hatchway [InnaMind Dub]
Perverse - Genocide [MindStep Music Dub]
Headhunter - Clone [Black Box]
Sleeper - Zombies [Chestplate Dub]
Content - Sulfur [Dub]
Kaiju - Snake Spirit [Dub]
Author - Revolutions [Tectonic]
Sleeper & District - LV-426 [Chestplate]
Biome - Moody [M.U.D Dub]
Perverse - Mizrahi [Dub]
Catacombs & Knowledge - Old Town [Dub]
SP:MC & LX One - Hunted [Tempa]
Sleeper - Narrow [Chestplate Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Unspeakable [MindStep Music Dub]
Benton - Sleepless [Wheel & Deal]
Killawatt & Thelem - Joom [Dub]
Ipman - Mirage [Dub]
Lurka - Skeptic [Dub]
Subreachers - The Challenge [Dub]
Biome - Minus [M.U.D Dub]
J:Kenzo feat. Rod Azlan - Ruff House [Tempa]
Subreachers - Developer [Dub]
V.I.V.E.K - Soundman [Deep Medi]

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You can catch Syte DJing at Cable in the MakeItGood X FatKidOnFire room

Friday 3rd February 2012 for the GetDarker album launch party

alongside Benton, Killawatt & Thelem & Sparxy!!!